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IP Licensing & Negotiation

An IP Licensing Team With Decades of High Stakes Negotiation Experience

Our attorneys have successfully negotiated numerous complex intellectual property license agreements in virtually every industry for clients of all sizes, including negotiations with some of the largest companies in the world.

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A license enables an IP owner to either monetize her intellectual property or to access and exploit the IP of another party. Although IP litigation is an extremely powerful, but a blunt instrument, an IP license can be a highly nuanced and precise tool to permit and restrict access to particular market segments and geographies and/or to resolve active and potential disputes between parties.

Collectively, our attorneys have hundreds of years of experience negotiating complex license agreements covering every kind of IP (e.g., patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets) on behalf of companies of all sizes and in every industry.

Because we are also accomplished litigators, we know how a prospective litigation is likely to play out should license negotiations break down. That knowledge and experience gives us credibility, insight and leverage in negotiations, regardless of the adversary role our client would play in a prospective litigation.

Our licensing expertise also enables us to optimize settlement outcomes in IP litigations because those resolutions often include licenses or cross licenses involving one or more IP assets.

Our deep knowledge of IP licensing issues, and our understanding of the technologies involved in many different industry segments, also position us well to help clients analyze, evaluate and monetize their IP portfolios, whether as part of a licensing process, as IP due diligence for an M&A transaction, or simply to gain a better understanding of a client’s sometimes “hidden” intangible IP assets.