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Outside General Counsel Services

A Long Tradition of Service as Outside General Counsel

Our attorneys have decades of experience working as part-time outside general counsel, on flexible terms, for companies in numerous industries, from fast-growing startups to established mid-size companies.

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There is a good reason why nearly every mid-sized and large company has an in-house general counsel. Businesses in every field benefit from having a legal “quarterback” who can survey the legal field and make critical decisions about if and when to deploy various resources to address emerging legal issues and, when outside counsel is needed, determine which firms would be the best at handling a particular matter, efficiently and cost-effectively.

While smaller businesses often are not ready for a full-time general counsel, that does not mean that they would not benefit tremendously from having a part-time general counsel to act as their legal quarterback. They would and they do, with increasing frequency, which is why outside general counsel services have been growing so rapidly in recent years.

Executives in a growing business should be in the business of growing that business further, not managing outside counsel, whose work they often find difficult to understand and whose business value can be very hard to assess.

Our attorneys have hundreds of years of combined legal experience, including as outside GCs to numerous startup companies and as in-house counsel for Fortune 500 companies. We also have hundreds of strategic relationships with high quality, cost-effective outside counsel, who can help with virtually any type of legal matter, throughout the U.S. and overseas.

Members of our outside GC team are available to work with clients on flexible terms, including hourly, monthly fixed fee and project-based fees.